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Is it necessary to clean the automobile condenser?
Time:2022.08.24 Source: Anhui Tianxiang Air-Conditioning Science and TechnologyCo., Ltd Clicks:
Introduction to cleaning of automobile condenser:
1. The automobile condenser needs to be cleaned. The condenser is an important part of the automobile air conditioner, which affects the cooling effect. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly;
2. Pay attention to the shift of wind speed. In order to prevent excessive frosting of the evaporator and affect the operation of the air conditioning system, the air supply speed and temperature control of the air conditioner should not be kept to the minimum for a long time at the same time. However, when the vehicle speed is lower than 25km \ / h, the wind speed switch shall be placed at the low gear to avoid insufficient power generation and insufficient cooling air;
3. The efficiency of the air conditioning system is the highest when the hot air is exhausted first and then the air conditioning window is opened and closed. However, if the car is parked for a long time in the hot sun and the car is very hot, open the window after turning on the air conditioner and close it after the hot air in the car is exhausted. In this way, the cooling speed of the air conditioner will be greatly accelerated.
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